Miss Kitty's Litter Box

The Rooster LadyTM is a fan favorite, when you still want to look great at any age or size!  hand stitched felted wool, cashmere, & alpaca sweaters. Now available her new denim skirts! To see more go to facebook.com/theroosterlady

My Mitzi DressTM Is currently "made to measure" to get your order in and see our upcoming fall sweater designs go to facebook.com/heartmadebymitzi

"Size doesn't matter but fashion does!" Ideal for any hostess or party goer there is a Miss Kitty CocktailTM Dress for every occasion! Our most popular design is our wedding dress, ideal for bridal showers, Bachelorette parties and even the wedding night (great gift!) Facebook.com/misskittycocktail

Welcome to Miss Kitty's Litter BoxTM, home ofMY Mitzi DressTM, The Rooster LadyTM and Miss Kitty CocktailTM! We pride ourselves n offering you one of a kind designs using recycled materials such as boiled wool, cashmere, denim, linen, lace and even vintage thread : ) 

Hi There!

"CoolSh!t Made from Old Crap"

For more info on each individual line go to their fb pages below.  Also, facebook.com/misskittyslitterbox we'd love for you to like us!